KYOWVA KONNECT is a way for us to make our community smaller. Five different states are represented by churches that financially support KYOWVA. How well do we know each other? How often do we pray for one another? Through these videos we hope to provide some information that was lacking in the past. As you watch these videos, please pray for the churches that are represented in them. 

Darren Fizer KYOWVA Konnect Final - YouTube

Darren Fizer New Life Church of Christ Flemingsburg, KY 

Derek James KYOWVA KONNECT 1 mp4 final - YouTube

Derek James Farmdale Church of Christ Barboursville, WV

Frank Klobucar KYOWVA Konnect Final - YouTube

Frank Klobucar Waverly Church of Christ Waverly, OH

KYOWVA Konnect Jason Lykins Final - YouTube

Jason Lykins Raceland Christian Church Raceland, KY

KYOWVA Konnect Mark Seevers Final - YouTube

Mark Seevers Dry Run Church of Christ West Portsmouth, OH

KYOWVA Konnect Ralph Perry Final - YouTube

Ralph Perry Crooked Creek Church of Christ Logan, WV

KYOWVA Konnect Sam Cooke Final - YouTube

Sam Cooke First Church of Christ Wheelersburg, OH


Willie Purdee Central Christian Church Ironton, OH