DVD Lending Library



1) Make your request on your “Christian Church” or “Church Of Christ” letterhead, allowing several weeks advance scheduling to be certain that others do not have the disc scheduled. State the date(s) desiring to show the DVDs and state when you will have the DVD(s) back to KYOWVA (C.E.V.L. = Christian Education Visual Library). If you have borrowed DVD previously and choose to use E-Mail, be certain to complete the form in its entirety and make certain that you receive a confirmation for your request. This confirmation may take up to a week to receive.

2) State who will be responsible for the materials and give home address, phone number, and E-Mail.

3) State that you will not charge anyone to view the DVD, nor will you permit them to be copied, and that you will be certain to return the DVD at the agreed upon time.

4) Request a legal contract, which you will sign and return to C.E.V.L. prior to the DVD being mailed. The Address is KYOWVA Evangelistic Association * 1541 S. 7th Street * Ironton, OH 45638.

5) Understand that C.E.V.L. is a free lending ministry through which God's people can be blessed;however, donations are welcome and they are Tax Deductible. Some church’s have donated series of DVDs to us so that brethren can make use of them.

6) Be certain to critique the DVD prior to viewing by the audience. It will allow you time to correct any false teachings, such as praying the sinner's prayer. If you make any study guides for the DVD series, we would appreciate a copy so that it may be combined with others and used by future users.

7) Our DVD inventory list continues to grow as we add new DVDs periodically. Thus, interested brethren should search our listing on our web page periodically.