Bible Courses

Bible Courses:

KYOWVA provides Bible courses for groups and individuals. These courses are available by mail. We also have several courses that are available online. To access these courses follow the link provided below.

Course Name                             Number of lessons

Understanding the Bible                                            7        

Book of John                                                           10

Book of Acts                                                           10

Christian Way                                                          10

Bible Survey                                                            10

Committed Christian Life                                           10

Book of Ephesians                                                    7

Practical Christianity | A                                            10

Practical Christianity | B                                            10

Back to the Bible                                                      8

Studies in the Bible | A                                             15

Studies in the Bible | B                                             15

Book of Romans                                                      10

The Holy Spirit                                                         10

Marriage                                                                  4

Doctrine or Opinion                                                  5

Christian Growth                                                      13

The Gospel Versus Occultism                                     10

Searching the Scriptures | A                                      13

Searching the Scriptures | B                                      13

God's Grace Be With You                                           8

Church Leadership Adequate                                      1

Where is the Scripture Which Says...?                         1

Restoration Movement                                               8

Book of Revelation                                                    15

Millennial Studies                                                       6

Elementary Age Bible Course | Ages 8-10                    5

Through the Bible | Ages 10-12                                  8

The Gospel for Ten to Teens | Ages 10-14                    7

Youth Bible Course | Ages 10-18                                13

My Responsibility | Senior High / College                      13

Bible Basics                                                              13


We have a total of 34 courses which includes 318 lessons. They are free
and have been a blessing to several thousand lives, scattered throughout thirty plus states,
& several foreign countries. One can enroll in a course and work the lessons in the
privacy of their own home and at their own time schedule or they can be used in a classroom setting.