Women Are Important

Someone once said that if you want a job done right  - give it to a good woman.  God has used women in a multitude of tasks to get His will done. 

            God chose Mary, who was a virgin, to bring Jesus Christ, the savior into the world.  (Matthew 1:18-25).

            Jesus once conversed with a woman at a well to teach us about forgiveness (John 4:7-42).

            A woman known to be a sinful creature washed and kissed Jesus’ feet.  Jesus forgave her of her sinful ways (Luke 7:36-50).

            He offered to all women the privilege of being as important in his sight as his mother and family, if they would do the will of the Father in heaven (Luke 8:20,21).

            Jesus pointed out the humble woman who had only two mites to give, and said she had given more than the rich man (Luke 21:1-4).

            Jesus once said that prostitutes would make it to heaven before the hypocritical religious leaders (Matthew 21:31).             There were women at the cross when Jesus was being crucified and then followed Him from Galilee to minister to Him (John 19:25-27).     Lydia, a business woman - obeyed the gospel and furnished lodging for evangelists (Acts 16:14,15).

            KYOWVA Evangelistic Association is comprised of people who hold to Bible teachings as the standard.  Therefore, we do not contend that women are to be “Pulpit Ministers” or church leaders. 

             This does not mean that women are second class citizens in the Lord’s church.  It was God who set the standard, as is found in I Timothy 3:2, which states that an “Elder” (church leader) is to be a husband of one wife.  Now, it is very difficult for a woman to be a husband. 

             Therefore, women are not church leaders such as Elders or Pulpit Ministers, but they are leaders in many other ways.  Some ministries where they lead are in the realm of: nursery, teaching, music, communion preparation, assisting women candidates for baptism, laundering, decorations, cleaning, dramas, PA system operators, van/bus drivers, office work, cleaning, maintenance, librarian, calling programs, etc.

             There are some who are very quick to point to Scriptures to take an almost anti-female stand, such as:

   1) I Cor. 11:3ff which gives God’s design for the domestic government, with God first, Christ second, Man third, and the     
     Woman next

  2) I Cor. 14:34ff which states that women are to be silent in the church

  3) I Timothy 2:9-15 which states that women are not to teach men or demonstrate authority over them.

                        We should all be praising our Lord as to how He made us (male and female).  If God had not designed us as He did we would not be having any reproduction going on and thus none of us would be present.

            Jesus came into the world to save lost sinners (John 10:10).  Anyone can be forgiven if they are willing to be “Born Again” and start life over.  Life teaches that “Every tub must set on it’s own bottom” (See Romans 14:12).                     

            This is an evil world in which we live.  God expects each of us to use our God-given common sense concerning self protection.   Note: Women need to be aware of being victimized.  Recently on “Inside Edition” there was an article about several new scams to abduct womenIn one, a man comes up to a woman in a Mall or Shopping Center and asks if she likes Pizza. When she says she does, he offers her $100.00 to shoot a commercial for Pizza, but they need to go outside  where  the  lighting is better. When the woman goes out of the mall she is abducted and then sexually assaulted.       

             Another trick is a very nicely dressed man asks a woman if she would be in a Public Service Announcement to discourage drug use.  The man explains that they don't want professional actors or celebrities, they want the average mother to do this. Once she leaves the mall she is a victim of sexual abuse.      

            The third deceit, and the most successful, a very frantic man comes running in and asks a woman to please help him, his baby is not breathing. She runs out of the mall following him and also becomes a victim.

            These have been happening in well-lit parking areas, in daylight as well as nighttime, all over the country. The abductor usually uses a van to abduct the woman.  “Inside Edition” set up a test in a Mall and 10 out of 15 women went out of the Mall on the Pizza and the PSA scam.  All of them went out of the Mall on the baby scam.  Please pass this along to your friends and family as now that it has been shown on nationwide TV there are bound to be copycats of this. 

            The third one, I think, is the scariest. You might resist pizza or becoming a commercial celebrity...but who would be able to resist a frantic father asking for help for his child? I'm sure that one would get me.                             I was going to send this to the ladies only, but guys, if  you love your mothers, wives, daughters, female co-workers & friends, etc., you may want to pass it on to them, as well.  Send this to any woman you know that may need to be reminded that the world we live in has a lot of crazies in it....better safe than sorry......

            You may remember the story about a woman who was shopping at a Mall. She came out to her car and saw she had a  flat.  She got her jack, and spare out of the trunk.  A man in a business suit came up and started to help her. When the tire had been replaced, he asked for a ride to his car on the opposite side of the Mall.  Feeling uncomfortable about doing this, she stalled for a while, but he kept pressing her.  She finally asked why he was on this side of the Mall if  his car was on the other.  He claimed he had been talking to friends.  Still uncomfortable, she told him that she had just remembered something she had forgotten to pick up at the mall and she left him and went back inside the mall.  She reported the incident to the mall security and they went out to her car.  The man was nowhere in sight.  Opening her trunk, she discovered a brief case the man had set inside her trunk while helping her with the tire.  Inside was a rope and a butcher knife.  And, when she took the tire to be fixed, the mechanic informed her that there was nothing wrong with her tire, that it was flat because the air had been let out of it.




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To be saved from our sins here and in eternity, the Bible teaches that one must:

1) Believe In Jesus As Savior (Acts 16:31)

2) Repent Of Sins (Acts 17:30)

3) Confess Christ Audibly (Acts 8:37)

4) Be Baptized In Water (Acts 2:38)

5) Live A  Christian Life (Acts 14:22)

            When one obeys the Lord in becoming a Christian, Christ adds him/her to His Church (His "Called Out Followers").  See Acts 2:47; I Corinthians 1:9.  Therefore, one needs to identify with a local congregation of Bible studying and dedicated believers.  One needs to do this so that a person may be nourished spiritually and can share in opportunities to use various God-given talents to serve the Lord.  The local church is to be a "Lighthouse" in the community.   It is in need of one's abilities and support as much as a person is in need of the church.  May each of us be understanding that it is only by God's grace that anyone can be forgiven of sins and have the opportunity for heaven.

             KYOWVA stands ready to assist the individual or congregation who desires to become a Christian and a Christian only.  We have many aides to help one to accomplish this task.  A good beginning place is by enrolling in our FREE Bible Correspondence Course Program (Courses for ages 8 to 80).


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