Usage of Audio Visual Seminar

Since I began preaching in l967, I have been privileged by God to be a channel through which He has seen nearly 800 souls "baptized into Christ".  Those I call "stickers", who number approximately 50%., after several years in the church, are still serving faithfully, Of this percentage, I would say that nearly 75% were taught via audio visuals (film strips or VCR films) in their homes. I contend that it is much easier, and more profitable, for the Lord and His church to teach a person with an extended series of films than a "one shot" teacher session.   It  has  been fairly  easy  for me to schedule families to be taught the Bible in their own living room.  I normally tell them that they will learn more Bible in five (5) forty minute sessions than they will in a church pew in six months. This is not to say that one does not need to be in collective church services, but the films are designed as an "accelerated study".  The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is still very true.            Another advantage of using audio visuals in home Bible teaching is that it is easier to recruit workers to teach in homes.  If an evangelistic worker knows that the lesson has been prepared for them on films and all they need to do is operate the equipment, it takes a "big load" off their minds.  It gives them confidence to do what they want to do (fulfill the great commission of Jesus). Teaching the Scriptures in homes of prospects, via the use of modern technology of film strips, slides, Videos/CD’s is rewarding and profitable

(One 60-minute session).