Securing A Pulpit Minister

 (Three 45-minute sessions).   

Some of the topics which are discussed are:

1) Procedures To Use- Sooner or later every congregation goes through replacing the pulpit minister.   There are things to do and things not to do during this transition.  This seminar teaches both. cure A New Pulpit Minister

2) The Psychology Of Securing A New Minister

3) Pulpit Fill-Ins Or Interim Minister

4) Common Mistakes Made By Pulpit Committees

5) Major Interests Of Church Members

6) Congregational Conflicts

7) Why Ministers Are Fired

8) Why Ministers Relocate

9) Minister Interviews

10) Minister’s Contract

11) After A Minister Is “Called”

12) Acceptance Of A New Minister

13) A New Minister’s First Year

14) The “Treatment” Of A Pulpit Minister

15) Retaining A Pulpit Minister