Church Leadership Seminar

A must for every prospective church leader as well as those who have served for a goodly number of years. Yes, an old dog can learn new tricks. In order for any team, club, lodge, business, or organization to progress, it is mandatory that it has adequate leadership. The Church is no different. Leaders of the Church need to be trained. Shortly after my conversion in 1963, my home church provided a Church Leadership Seminar for the congregation's leaders and any man interested in learning more about ways to help the Lord's Church to "move on". It was very informative and I learned much. In all of the seven churches which I have served as "Pulpit Minister", I have attempted to provide some training for the men of the church periodically. I would hope that all of the men of the church and their spouses would consider attending the "Leadership Seminar".

The six 45-minute sessions cover:
1) Church Leader Relationships to: God, spouse, neighbors, fellow workers, social acquaintances, and the congregation
2) Importance of Church Leaders
3) Elders/Minister Relationship
4) Minister Responsibilities
5) Church Constitution and By-laws
6) Building a good rapport between Church Leaders and the congregation
7) Treatment of the Minister
8) Bible Qualifications of Church Leaders
9) Nehemiah's List of Leader Qualifications
10) Ways to secure the "right minister" for your church
11) Tips on setting good examples
12) Proposals to evaluate one's service

It is my hope and prayer that all who attend the proposed seminar will be provided with instruction, training, schooling, direction, advice, counsel, suggestions, recommendations, or whatever you want to call it. I am confident that it will bless you personally and equip each to be a better servant for our Lord (Jesus Christ) and leader or prospective leader at the congregation, which you presently serve. Some who have hosted the seminar have said the entire church should attend it, and especially the wives of the leaders. (Six 45-minute sessions).