Christian Education Seminar

Continuous training of those who will be training others is a real asset to the growth of the Lord's Kingdom. Various types of methods of teaching are taught in this seminar.

 Areas which are covered are as follows:

1) Recruiting Students
2) The Privilege of teaching  
3) The teachers’ example  
4) The time to prepare lessons   
5) The value of assistant and alternate teachers   
6) The teacher’s evangelistic outreach  
7) The Prayer Life of the teacher  
8) The teacher’s outlook on mission work   
9) Handling bullies in class
10) Understanding the value of camps and VBS’s
11) Manner of treatment of Discipline Problems within the classroom  
12) Instilling that “all” belongs to God
13) Teaching the principle of tithing
14) Promotion of  “things” which are expected of the class
15) The reason for and the how to for fellowships
16) The adventure of  “Field Trips“
17) Securing good curriculum
18) The preparation of lessons
19) Using equipment within your reach to teach  
20) The value of “Take Home Papers”  
21) Understanding the difference in teaching various age groups
22) Recognizing the “High Calling” of teaching  
23) Using various methods to teach (Agree/Disagree, Multiple Choice, Quizzes, Bible Drills, Match’em, Lecturing, etc.)  
24) Learning how people learn
25) Getting participation
26) Understanding room environment  
27) Awareness of what the student expects of a teacher
28) The necessity of teacher refresher courses  
29) The history and value of the Sunday School  
30) The teacher’s need to keep current  
31) Using visual aids and illustrations
32) Goal Setting  
33) Challenging students
34) The teacher’s need for Bible knowledge  
35) The “Bottom Line Of Teaching” 

This seminar is for the new and seasoned teacher (Six 45-minute sessions).