C.A.R.E. Seminar

Is taught with the purpose of preparing the church (Teens through Adults) to express a caring spirit by preparing themselves to become better equipped.

Those participating in this six 45 minute sessions seminar will learn many things concerning how to:
1) Comfort those who are "hurting"
2) Admonish (teach) fellow human beings the value of walking with God
3) Revive and recruit-back the "Backslider"
4) Evangelize the "Lost"

During the seminar one will be instructed as to the:
a) Value of visitor cards
b) How to call on shut-ins
c) What Jesus taught about home visitation
d) The need to make bereavement calls
e) How to lead souls to Christ
f) Things that are a must for the caring person
g) The blessings of using various aids (Bible tapes, films, videos, & charts, brochures, pictorial directories,etc.)
h) Basic requirements for the soul winner
i) The "Art" of helping those who are "Down"
j) How to recruit "callers"
k) Answering excuses properly
l) Ways and the need for personal devotions