Camp Deanship Seminar

Since 1969 - Hoyt has had a diversified camp background involvement with five different camps as a Camp Dean, Teacher, Vespers Speaker, Mission Speaker, Team Leader, Dorm Dad, Recreation Director, Campfire Speaker, or an Officer.  Involvement with another five camps serving as a guest speaker, etc.! 

This seminar covers:

1) Camp Scholarship Program

2) Understanding a Dean’s responsibilities

3) Selecting an adequate faculty and staff, and  communicating with them as well as reliable methods which have been proven with time (various materials will be distributed and examined)

4) Avoiding problems and handling them if they surface

5) Setting policies for the campers and workers

6) Communication with campers’ parents prior to camp and during camp

7) Medical Releases and emergency procedures

8) Lesson Curriculum

9) Song Leader(s)

10) Missions 

11) Schedules 

12) First Aid

13) Developing a Good Camp Booklet

14) Devising an exciting and spiritual Chapel Period

15) Generating a Camper Of The Week

16) Sending letters to campers before and after

17) Recreation  18) Flag Pole Exercises

19) First Night - Organizing the Camp into Teams

20) Consecration Services 

21) Prayer Circles & Dorm Devotions

22) Items to bring to camp  

23) Proper Attitude everywhere is a must  

24) Disciplinary Action

25) Team Leaders - Do’s & Don’ts

26) Dorm Parents  

27) Camp Staff:  Life Guard, Kitchen, Maintenance,   

28) Purpose of Christian Camping  

29) Camp Workers’ Beliefs

30) Handling Homesickness           

To have a successful week at Church Camp much planning is required.  This seminar teaches the beginner as well as the seasoned Camp Dean how to have a successful camp.

(Two 45-minute sessions).