Church Seminars

Bro. Hoyt has been teaching and training workers in the Lord's Kingdom since 1964. The Power
Point Projector is used throughout the seminars and numerous handouts are distributed!
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C.A.R.E. Seminar

Is taught with the purpose of preparing the church (Teens through Adults)

to express a caring spirit by preparing themselves to become better equipped.


Evangelism Seminar

Jesus is counting on the church to carry out His GREAT COMMISSION.

Taking the gospel to a lost world is the privilege and responsibility of every Christian.


Church Leadership Seminar

A must for every church leader! In order for any team, club, lodge, business,

or organization to progress, it is mandatory that it has adequate leadership.


Christian Education Seminar

Continuous training of those who will be training others is a real asset to the growth of

the Lord's Kingdom. Various types of methods of teaching are taught in this seminar.


Family Seminar

 The Bible has a wealth of instructions for today's family

and time spent in this seminar will be long appreciated. 


Securing A Pulpit Minister

Sooner or later every congregation goes through replacing the pulpit minister.  

There are things to do and things not to do during this transition. 


Beginning A New Congregation

Insights into beginning a new congregation is promoted.


 Revival Preparation

The difference between a failure revival and a Holy Spirit filled

and successful one is often in the preparation. 


Usage of Audio Visual Seminar

I contend that it is much easier, and more profitable, for the Lord and His

church to teach a person with an extended series of films than a "one shot" teacher session. 


Camp Deanship Seminar

To have a successful week at Church Camp much planning is required.  This seminar teaches the

beginner as well as the seasoned Camp Dean how to have a successful camp.


Ordinations Seminar

The appointing of church leaders is a serious business and needs to be done properly. 


Praying Properly Seminar

Every Christian and church needs to realize the seriousness

of praying often and praying properly.


Considering A New Church Building Seminar

Every congregation which is anticipating a new building

should spend a few hours enrolled in this seminar.


Acceptable Worship

Attempting to understand how God desires to be

worshiped is a needed element in today’s church. 


Denominational Churches

Their origins and doctrines.


Religions Of The World

Basic doctrines of these religions. 


Roman Catholicism

This seminar begins with the origin of the Roman

Catholic Church and teaches its basic doctrines.


Jesus' Last Hours

A seminar on the last hours of Jesus'


Christmas Before and After


The Restoration Movement

This  is  a seminar of how various men gave up their doctrines of  various denominations

and started a movement to “Restore The New Testament Church”. 


The New Testament Church

This seminar begins with the need to accept the Bible as the basis for the

Lord’s church and progresses through a great deal of Christian doctrine.