Pulpit Minister Training Scholarships

Concerning the “KYOWVA Pulpit Minister Training Scholarships”, our Directorship is determined to invest these scholarships in the most productive and potential students applying for such.

Therefore, a few things which need to be stated are as follows:

1) A Formal KYOWVA Application must be completed and mailed in to the KYOWVA Office, no later than the first Saturday in January.

2) A Christian college student must be enrolled or entering a Christian College of the “Restoration Movement”. Note - these scholarships are for male students only who are desiring to receive education which will assist him in the “Pulpit Preaching Ministry”. He must be entering at least his Junior Year by next fall, and understand that the scholarships are only for undergraduate students, and the scholarships will be sent directly to the college.

3) If selected as a candidate for a scholarship - one will be required to produce various sources of information prior to a required interview.

Some of which will be as follows:

a) What extent are you receiving financial aid?

b) What ways are you presently or in the past attempting to assist yourself financially?

c) What are your academic grade averages?

Please feel free to contact the KYOWVA Office if you have any questions!