What About Pornography?

Editor's Note: There are several things in America today that are destroying our nation from within. This article from Brother Hoyt Allen tells us of one of them. This article is presented in the hope that Christians all across America will speak out against pornography and the other sins fighting against Americans.

Pornography is rooted in a Greek word "Porneia," which basically means "illegal sexual activity." It is translated in various ways, such as:

Sexual vice
Impure passion

Fornication which is a translation in the King James Version of the Bible in Matthew 19:9. Here are some facts on this subject which may be of interest to you:

  1. Greek word "porneia" (English "Pornography")
    2. Modern translation "immoral"
    3. Root - Any illegal sexual activity, such as:
    a. Homosexuality (Sex between two males)
    b. Adultery (Sex between two people of the opposite sex with at least one of them being married to another person.
    c. Lesbianism (Sex between two females)

A "Porno Fact Sheet" of the American Family Association (AFA) February '94 says:

  1. Porno is intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal.
    2. Size of industry — pornography is big business in the U.S. with revenues growing from an estimated $1 billion in 1970 to over $10 billion today.
    3. 85% of revenues goes into the pockets of organized crime, much of it untaxed.
    4. There are more outlets for hard-core pornography in this country (an estimated 15,000-20,000) than McDonalds restaurants (approximately 9,000).
    5. The largest consumers of pornography are teenage boys and girls.
    6. An estimated 70% of all pornography ends up in the hands of children with potential adverse long- term effects on their development and maturity.
    7. Some 350 child pornography magazines are published in the United States on a regular basis.
    8. Americans buy two million tickets to X-rated movies every week.
    9. One-fifth of all videotape sales are X-rated movies.
    10. The Commission on Pornography Report of July 3, 1986 concluded that "substantial exposure to sexually violent materials bears a causal (that's causal, not casual) relationship to antisocial acts of sexual violence and, for some subgroups, possibly to unlawful acts of sexual violence." 
  1. States with highest readership of "men's magazines" have the highest incidence of reported rape.
    12. Some counselors estimate that two-thirds of sexual problems in marriage today can be traced to the use of pornography.
    13. The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech — the Supreme Court does not define obscenity or "hardcore" pornography as speech; therefore, obscenity is currently regarded as a crime not protected by the First Amendment (Roth vs. United States, 1957).

Lenny Friedlander (President of New Beginnings — distributor of adult videos, magazines and sex toys) said following the January 17, 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles, CA — "These religious fanatics may think it's the Lord's way of telling us ‘Hey, straighten your act out'." More than 80% of the nation's adult videos come out of the San Fernando Valley. Leisure Time Entertainment had to stop making X-rated videos for a week after the earthquake.

Satan has done an excellent job in "sneaking up on" Americans in the entertainment world. There was a time when ratings for movies were not needed:

"G" – General audience; nothing questionable.
"PG"– Parental guidance suggested; obscene language, suggestive scenes, etc.
"R" – Restricted – "One must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult: obscenities, nudity, sexual scenes, etc."
"X" – This is pornography in various forms (scenes of graphically depicting sexual encounters; man/woman, boy/girl, group sex, homosexuals, anal, oral, "Sadomasochism" – which is men beating on women with rubber hoses or whips for sexual kicks, lesbians, etc.
"NC-17" – No one under 17 is permitted to view these films. On September 25, 1990, the "Motion Picture Association of America" replaced the "X" rated films with this.

Now some folks may say, "We are living in the ‘UP AGE' and need to come out of the ‘Puritan Days'." That sounds good, however, God's Word is still God's Word, and it still says, "Avoid every kind of evil." (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

If a person cannot watch a movie when fellow Christians are present due to its low moral standards, it should be avoided. Well, that is the conclusion one would have to draw if he is going to allow God's Word to guide him (see 1 Peter 2:11). Is this not right?

Playboy hikes Hefner's rent. Hugh Hefner's rent for the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles was raised recently to $42,275.00 a month from $41,515.00 in the previous 12 months. Playboy says it spent more than $3.8 million in operating costs and security expenses at the mansion in the year ending June 30. Hefner received $369,622 in salary and bonuses as editor-in- chief of Playboy Magazine. He also controls almost 71% of the firm's stock through a voting trust (AFA Journal March '93). Thus, when people buy porn film, they are contributing to an immoral group of people who live extravagantly and live off of selling fleshly films.

The Bible Teaches:

  1. A) Matthew 5:8 – "Blesses are the pure in heart."
    B) 1 Timothy 4:13 – "...Set an example in life and purity..."
    C) 1 Timothy 5:22 – "Keep oneself pure"
    D) Galatians 6:7-8 – "People reap what they sow – sow to sinful nature, one will reap of sinful nature"                                                                                                   

People in the porn industry:

  1. a) Live like a group of animals morally. In any given week's period, they can involve themselves with several different sex partners. If by accident one becomes pregnant, there is no problem as off to an abortion butchery they go. The thought of V.D. or Aids is always viewed as "it will happen to someone else!" There is no concern of shame which can be brought upon them or their families if they are infected.
  2. b) Will not stop at anything to make a few more dollars. One instance involved abducting a young attractive innocent girl, drugging her and then filming her as she was raped by five different men. The sin of porno prompted this terrible action.
  3. c) Porno is said by some former members of the porno industry that it is just as addictable as: tobacco, alcohol, drugs or gambling. It has caused a multitude of divorces as spouses have demanded "more and more" sexually of their mates. It has caused many to mentally undress their neighbors, fellow workers and started them on the road to seduction and sexual abuse.

Dial-A-Porn ads which one sees on the TV set have become common place, the phone number normally advertise a 900 number and state that one can talk to a beautiful woman for as little as $2.00 per minute using a credit card to do so. Filthy talk on the phone to a faceless person of the opposite sex is not in keeping with good judgement.

Computer-Porn (BBS or bulletin board services) has been well received by many, who have been made addicted to porn. It comes into a computer by a modem (over the phone lines). So, the devil has once again made his way into one's home or office. Right on the computer monitor one can "call up" an adult program. Even if a parent thinks he/she can play at pron in secret, a child can call up this type of program when parents are not at home.

Editor's Note: There are several things in America today that are destroying our nation from within. Part 2 of this article from Brother Hoyt Allen tells us of one of them.

America is reaping today from the immorality of porn:

1) Increase in rape
2) Increase in child molestation
3) Increase in homosexuality
4) Increase in spouse unfaithfulness
5) Increase in divorce

Pornography's Link To Crime:

  1. a) Since 1984, over 150 sex-oriented businesses (including peep shows, adult bookstores and theaters) have been closed in Oklahoma City. During that period, the rape rate in Oklahoma County has decreased 26%. During that same period, rapes increased 20.8% throughout the rest of the state (Uniform Crime Report, 1989)
  2. b) Incarcerated offenders reported high rates of exposure to pornography during pre-adolescence and adolescence; those incarcerated for non-sexual criminal offenses reported higher rates of exposure to pornography than did incarcerated sex offenders. (Cook & Fosen, 1970)
  1. c) Eighty-six percent of rapists studies admitted regular use of pornography, with 57% admitting actual imitation of pornography scenes in commission of sex crimes. (Marshall, 1983)
  2. d) In a national poll of mental health professionals, 254 psychotherapists reported in their clinical practice cases in which pornography was found to be an instigator or contributor to a sex crime, personality disturbance, or antisocial act; 324 other psychotherapists and mental health professionals suspected such relationships in cases with which they worked. (Lipkin & Carnes, 1970)
  3. e) In 42% of the 48,000 sex crimes investigated between 1956 and 1979, Michigan State Police indicated that pornography was involved — used just prior to, or during the act of sexual assault — as stated by the victim or the offender. (Pope, 1977)
  4. f) Research conducted involving 36 serial murderers revealed that 81% (29/36) reported pornography as one of their highest sexual interests, making pornography one of the most common profile characteristics of serial murderers. (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1987)

Statistics On Rape In The United States:

  1. a) Every six minutes during 1987, one American was forcibly raped. (FBI Uniform Crime, Crime in the United States, JUS-432, Release date July 10, 1988)
  2. b) Rapists are 15 times as likely as non- offenders (30% to 2%) to have had exposure to "hard core pornography" during childhood or between 6 to 10 years of age. They also tended to report an earlier age of "peak experience" with pornography. (Goldstein, Kant and Harman, 1973)

Child Molestation Rates In The United States:

  1. a) There were 138,000 children abused sexually in 1986, and another 17,900 in danger and at risk of being sexually abused. This number is based upon the number of cases reported to the Child Protective Services, accepted for investigation, investigated and substantiated. Many suspected cases cannot be substantiated upon investigation. (National Center of Child Abuse and Neglect, Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Study of National Incidence and Prevalence of Child Abuse and Neglect, 1988)
  2. b) One in three females and one in seven males will be sexually molested before age 18. (U.S. Department of Justice, 1988)
  3. c) Four million child molesters reside in this country. (U.S. Department of Justice, 1985)
  4. d) Child molesters report anywhere from 30 to 60 victims each.
  5. e) The typical child molester will sexually abuse 380 children in a lifetime. (Abel, 1986)
  6. f) Most of the models appearing in child pornography are likely to be incest victims being exploited by their parents or other adults. (Duncan, 1988)
  7. g) 87% of molesters of female children and 77% of molesters of male children studied, admitted to regular use of hard core pornography. The obscene material was used by these sex offenders for three reasons: (1) to stimulate themselves, (2) to destroy the consciences and lower the inhibitions and resistance to sexual activity in their intended child victims and (3) as teaching tools for the child to imitate or model in their real life sexual encounter with the adult.                         

Now that we have seen the "down side" of the porn industry, some of the "upside" is:

  1. a) Teens desiring to oppose porn become a part of: "Clean Teens" (P.O. Box 918; Modesto, CA 95353 (209) 571-TEEN or "TAPE" (Teens Against a Pornographic Environment in Searcy, AR)
  2. b) K-Mart's refusal to pull porn from shelves in their Waldenbooks Book Stores caused Southern Baptists to withdraw their $5,477,000.00 investment. Likewise, the United Methodist Church Board of Pensions had withdrawn its $7,807,000.00. (June '93 AFA Journal Page 1)
  3. c) Many have obtained Form #39-USC-3010 from the Post Office and thus made it illegal for those in the porn business to send any sexually oriented materials in the mail to their address or they will be liable to court action. One should tell the Postmaster that you need an "SOA Consumer Packer" (Sexually Oriented Advertisements) and complete the Form #2201 , which is in the packet, to stop these mailings.
  4. d) Many have also joined the "National Coalition Against Pornography." They can be contacted at 800 Compton Road, Suite 9224; Cincinnati, Ohio 45231; Standing Together Opposing Pornography (S.T.O.P.)
  5. e) The Christian Education Video Library (CEVL) of the KYOWVA Evangelistic Association; 1541 South 7th Street; Ironton, Ohio 45638 (614) 532- 8020 has free videos to loan churches opposing pornography.

Some Questions which need answered as a Christian pertaining to porno:

  1. a) Will participating in an activity (actor or viewer) do me any harm? See Acts 15:20; 1 Thessalonians 4:3, 5:22; 1 Peter 2:11.
  2. b) Does seeing a naked person "excite" one in some immoral manner?
  3. c) Is it right for one to stare at the private parts of another's body?
  4. d) Can one become emotionally involved with another person (fantasy) due to porno literature or films?
  5. e) Does one seek to hide porn from others? Would one want their children, parents, fellow church members to see them reading or viewing such.
  6. f) Would a parent be upset if their child was caught with porno?
  7. g) What reaction would a parent or a child have if it was discovered that the other was involved in porno film production?
  8. h) Does one believe porno is just as addictive as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, gambling, etc.?
  9. i) Does one realize that purchasing porno causes immoral people to stay in an immoral and anti- God business?
  10. j) Is it possibly true that porno degrades women and that they are just "used" for profit from the films? Would one want their child or spouse involved?
  11. k) Are the modern day "TV Soaps" an intro to hard core porn?
  1. l) Have morally minded Americans been wrong in remaining silent about letting the "bars down" concerning movies for the public?
  2. m) Are you acquainted with the A.F.A. (American Family Association; P.O. Drawer 2440; Tupelo, MS 37793 (601) 844-5036)
  3. n) Have any used porno to "jazz up" their sexual life with their spouse and ended wrongly?
  4. o) Are "dirty" books and films a stumbling block to the unsaved when they believe a Christian is involved with such?
  5. p) If you were invited to participate in a porn film and to be paid $20,000 for a few minutes of filming, would you say OK? (See 1 Timothy 6:10)

To read Part 1 of this article see:

We would suggest that you contact the following organization for update anti-porno information and materials:

National Coalition Against Pornography, Inc.
800 Compton Road
Suite 9248
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
(513) 521-6227

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