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Articles From Brother Hoyt

A Psalm Is . . .

Praise be to the God of creation who gives many ways to worship Him.  Music is a method, procedure, means, channel, process, or an avenue to accomplish this.     I am convinced that the Greek words used in Ephesians 5:19 permits instrumental accompaniment. These words are as follows:   A) Psalm (Greek – PSALMOS) […]

Gambling | Don’t Bet On It

            The more state governments approve of legalizing casinos, lotteries, and various forms of gambling (along with any good organizations, and some religious groups), the more citizens become confused about whether it is honorable, and right to participate.                          The first  regular  lottery  was  authorized to be drawn for charitable purposes at Malines, in the […]

Homosexuality Tips on Letter Writing

            If we are seriously concerned about American departure from our founding fathers’ Christian values, we should  help fellow Americans to take a stand!              HELP in fighting abominations in God’s sight (homosexuality, abortion, etc.).  If a Bill is passed to remove the 200 year old ban on homosexuals in the U.S. military that permits […]

“Should Christians Speak in Tongues Today?”

  by Dr. Hoyt W. Allen, Jr.         There is much confusion in the religious world regarding the nature of the gift of “tongues” mentioned in the New Testament.  Some contend that the gift consisted of the ability to miraculously teach in a foreign language previously unknown to the speaker.  Others assert that speaking in […]