Articles From Brother Hoyt

Child Book, Wrong

Dr. James Dobson of the “Focus On the Family” ministry addressed a book by the above title on his radio program on July 7-8, 2002.  The program was entitled “Pulling Kids From Public Schools”.  He stated that the book was devastating and parents and Christian schools need to be aware of this. Pass this information […]

Homosexuality Tips on Letter Writing

            If we are seriously concerned about American departure from our founding fathers’ Christian values, we should  help fellow Americans to take a stand!              HELP in fighting abominations in God’s sight (homosexuality, abortion, etc.).  If a Bill is passed to remove the 200 year old ban on homosexuals in the U.S. military that permits […]

Antichrist – Who or What?

There have been many theologians debating this subject for centuries.  Thus, we will not cover all aspects of a study on the subject in a few minutes.  But for a bird’s eye view of the subject let us begin with the following.      A false prophet and evil being who will set himself up […]