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Articles From Brother Hoyt

Tribulation Tri-Fold Printable

This file is available as a double sided tri-fold printable. Click Links below to download each side. Tribulation Side 1 Tribulation Side 2

A Psalm Is . . .

Praise be to the God of creation who gives many ways to worship Him.  Music is a method, procedure, means, channel, process, or an avenue to accomplish this.     I am convinced that the Greek words used in Ephesians 5:19 permits instrumental accompaniment. These words are as follows:   A) Psalm (Greek – PSALMOS) […]

Second Coming Of Christ?

It seems like there has always been a goodly number of folk who want to tell us just when Jesus is coming back. Some of those on the history books have been:  1) William Miller (Seventh Day Adventist Founder) who predicted Jesus’ return for 1843. When his prediction failed then he said it was to […]

What about Instrumental Music in Worship

  Followers of Jesus Christ (Christians) are divided over the issue of the using an instrument to praise God in a worship service.  Briefly looking at the situation, I would like to state the following;                   1) I am convinced that the Greek words used in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 permit instrumental accompaniment. These […]