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Articles From Brother Hoyt

Have Christian Ministers Earned What They Deserve?

     While conducting a revival in southeastern Ohio, I conversed with a minister, from a denominational church.  He wore “two hats”.  He preached locally and also served as a “coordinator” for twenty-three congregations of the denomination.  His responsibilities varied.  One area in which I conversed with him about was “internal problems” of a congregation.      […]

A Psalm Is . . .

Praise be to the God of creation who gives many ways to worship Him.  Music is a method, procedure, means, channel, process, or an avenue to accomplish this.     I am convinced that the Greek words used in Ephesians 5:19 permits instrumental accompaniment. These words are as follows:   A) Psalm (Greek – PSALMOS) […]

Can A Divorced Man Serve In The Kingdom?

Concerning the question about divorced men serving as an elder or deacon in light of the qualification of the “Husband Of One Wife” (I Timothy 3:2,12), I would like to expound.   This has been chewed over ever since the beginning of the church. I have studied the subject with people from several schools of thought, […]

Answering Petition # 2493

Thank you for your communication concerning the broadcasting of religious programs. The information here presents basic facts on a subject that in recent years have aroused widespread interest and has resulted in a great number of letters and telephone calls to the Commission.   In December 1974 a petition from Jeremy D. Lansman and Lorenzo […]