What about Instrumental Music in Worship

  Followers of Jesus Christ (Christians) are divided over the issue of the using an instrument to praise God in a worship service.  Briefly looking at the situation, I would like to state the following; 

                 1) I am convinced that the Greek words used in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 permit instrumental accompaniment. These words are as follows;

   A) Psalm (Greek - PSALMOS) has a  meaning of singing with instrumental accompaniment.

  B) Hymn (Greek - HUMNOS)  means singing a praise to God.

 C) Song (Greek - ODE) means a general word for a song, whether accompanied or unaccompanied, whether of praise or on any subject.  Thus, here the adjective "spiritual" is added.

                 2)  It is possible for the same song to be all three of the above, at the same time!  Doesn't it make sense to exalt the God of creation and His Son and Savior of mankind by using whatever means He (God) permits us to have? 

                 3)  Those who oppose accompaniment in singing stand on the conviction that the above word (Psalm) did not have the accompaniment with it during the writing of the New Testament.  However, to this subject, worldwide scholarship of those dealing with the etymology of words (study of words) disagree.  These are people who write Dictionaries, Commentaries, Concordances, Encyclopedias, Lexicons, and serve as Professors in universities around the world.  They all agree that "Psalm" meant using an instrumental accompaniment        

                4)  Now, without being cruel or nasty, the servants who say "one can not do anything in the form of worship, which is not authorized in the New Testament, "Do not practice what they preach".  A few examples might be asked - just where is there authorization in the New Testament, for;

                   1)  Song Books  2)  Charts   3)  English Translations   4)  Projectors   5)  P.A.    
                    Systems   6)  Pitch Pipes   7)  Tuning Forks  8) Power Points Programs 
                   9) Houses of Worship  109)  Individual Communion Cups   11) Individual Wafers 

                  12) Week Long:  A) Revivals  B) Seminars  C) Vacation Bible Schools   D) Church
                   Camps  13) Preacher Training Schools  14) Christian Colleges   15) Radio and TV
                   Broadcasts 16) Special Rallies


                5)  The above list could go on and on.  No doubt, an open minded person could agree that once one starts down the road of "One must have a book, chapter, and verse for everything done in the Name of Christ" - there is no stopping.

                 6)  Isn't it much more reasonable to agree that Jesus gave the Church the Great Commission (Taking the Gospel to all mankind), but left the means up to the individual and congregations.  He did not say to use the printing press, but printed materials have won millions to the Lord.  He did not say to use the airways, but is it sinful?

                 7)  He did not say to erect Houses of Worship for millions of dollars and use them for a congregational gathering a few hours a week for formal services, but our culture calls for a nice meeting place.  Thus, is it a sin to have a church building?

                 8) Even if God had not given us authority via "Psalm" to use accompaniment in our singing praises to Him, would it be sin?  A person has to really be closed minded to arrive at this conclusion.

                 9)  To deny a person, who has talent to play an instrument, from using it to Praise God is going beyond the Scriptures, to say the least! 

            10)  The bottom line of the article is this - Are we serving God with the various talents he gives us?  If not, while the Lord grants us life may we be about our Father's business.  That is of course;

A) Striving to be a Seed Sower, and keeping busy watering.

B) Building up the Brethren on a regular basis.

Posted in Articles By Brother Hoyt.