Antichrist – Who or What?

There have been many theologians debating this subject for centuries.  Thus, we will not cover all aspects of a study on the subject in a few minutes.  But for a bird’s eye view of the subject let us begin with the following.


   A false prophet and evil being who will set himself up against Christ and the people of God in the last days before His return. The term is used only in the writings by John the apostle. It refers to one who stands in opposition to all that Jesus Christ represents  (I John 2:18,22; 4:3; II John 7).  John wrote that several antichrists existed already in his day.  False teachers who denied the deity and the incarnation of Christ, but that the supreme Antichrist of history would appear at some future time..


     The Antichrist's central work is deceiving, which also characterizes SATAN in his attempts to undermine the work of God in the world. Satan's deception began in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3) and will continue until the end of time. The DRAGON (or serpent) of Rev. 12 is Satan, the Serpent mentioned in Gen. 3. Thus the thread of Satan's deceptive work may be traced from Genesis to Revelation. That work reaches its climax in the Antichrist, who receives his authority and power from the dragon, Satan (Rev. 13:4).


      The principal reason the Bible discusses the Antichrist is to warn believers not to be misled by his deception (Matt. 24:4-5,23-24).   Let us remember that “anti” means “against”, therefore any one or any teaching that is against Christ or opposed Him is therefore the antichrist.  May we be encouraged as we hear the words of Jesus, “ ready for the Son’s Coming, for He is coming when you do not expect Him...” (Matt. 24:44).


            There is a saying as old as the ages which needs to be applied especially to scriptures which are found in symbolic passages.  That being, “In the Bible THE MAIN THINGS ARE THE PLAIN THINGS, AND THE PLAIN THINGS ARE THE MAIN THINGS”.  May God bless you as strive to be a good Bible student!

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