KYOWVA Offers a Number of Services to Churches Such As:

1) Beginning new congregations
2) Financial supporting Evangelists for congregations in need
3) At the present time KYOWVA has over a thousand people enrolled in a Bible Correspondence
Course Program, via the mail. These students are scattered throughout thirty plus states and several
foreign countries.
4) A church building group of volunteers (Kingdom Builders). They have saved congregations several
hundred thousands of dollars in donated labor.
5) Quarterly Men/Boys' Supper Meetings.
6) A Newsletter is published quarterly.
7) Assistance in taking area surveys for establishing new congregations.
8) They have provided Slide/Tape /VCR Programs for missionary talks at churches, camps, & V.B.S.'s.
9) An "Open Ministry Listing" is supplied to Christian workers seeking to relocate.
10) Congregations seeking "Supply Ministers" and "Full Time Pulpit Ministers" are also assisted
11) The ministry provides free DVDs to congregations desiring such
12) Sample Constitution & By-Laws.
13) Various Lists are provided (Supply Ministers, Women Speakers, Hospitals, Gospel Singers,
Baptism & Communion Scriptures & Songs, etc.).
14) Pulpit Minister Training Scholarships are offered.
15) Bulletin Backs & Inserts are granted to congregations requesting such.
16) Minister Contracts
17) Various Seminars (Church Leadership, Teacher Training, Evangelism Training, Caring Spirit &
Programs That Work, The Christian Family, Beginning A New Congregation, Securing A New Pulpit
Minister, Revival Preparation, Usage Of Audio/Visuals, Camp Deanship, Appropriate Prayers, World
Religions, Denominational Churches, Christmas, Before & After, Jesus' Last Hours & Easter, The
Restoration Movement, and Proper Ordinations)
18) Assistance in securing loans for church buildings
19) A "Recycling Program" of Christian materials to congregations in need
20) Church and Christian Consultation
21) Web Page on the Internet