Men's Quarterly Supper Meeting

March 16, 2015 | Farmdale Church of Christ | Barboursville, WV

Articles From Brother Hoyt


Where Is the Scripture Which Says….

This booklet has been compiled especially for reading by those within the “Restoration Movement”.              In the late 1700’s there was unrest among many people.  They desired to be “Christians Only” and not a member of a man-made denomination which they knew the Scriptures taught against.  They were convinced that divisions among God’s people was […]


Church’s Name Is Divine

            There are several Biblical names for the Lord’s church as well as His followers.  The church for which Jesus died (Acts 20:28; Ephesians 5:25), over which he is head (Ephesians 5:23), and about which anyone can read in the Bible is divine.             These names are divine in origin and always glorify God or […]


Are the Degrees of Punishment or Reward in Eternity Taught in the Scriptures

Most Bible students wish that God would have answered the question a little plainer concerning degrees of punishment in Hell or degrees of reward in Heaven!  Many have concluded that wicked men like Nero, Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein (instigator of the Desert Storm War of 1991) certainly deserve more of a punishment in Hell […]


Mormonism, False Teachings

I John 4:1 records that there are false teachers who appear to be religious. The Bible warns that one must “check them out or be misled. Matthew 7:15,16 records that false teachers will appear to be in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are ferocious wolves. They must be tested. Matthew 15:9 records that some false […]