Men's Quarterly Supper Meeting

June 15, 2015 | Greenup Christian Church | Greenup, KY

Articles From Brother Hoyt


Homosexuality and Boy Scout Leaders

SCOUT LEADERS SHOULD BE “MEN OF GOD”                 The following is worth reading.  May God help us, as a nation, to return to the Scriptures for guidance before it is too late.               Eight-year-old Martin Thompson couldn’t wait to join the Boy Scouts. From the flyers passed out at school, he’d read […]


The Great Tribulation

Some would call this topic as “The Great Tribulation Lie”.  Consider the following diagram which shows how many people perceive the end of time and what will take place.  This chart, or diagram, is called a “time- line.”  Old Testament > Christ’s Death on the Cross > Church Age > Rapture > Tribulation, Battle Of […]


God | Miracle Worker?

  Some today claim  that  the  miraculous  powers (sometimes called charismatic gifts)  of  the  apostles (Acts 2:4, 43; 5:12; II Cor. 12:12)  which they gave to others by the laying on of hands (Acts 6:6; 8:18; 19:6; II Tim. 1:6) are still available to the church and individual Christians today.  This is especially emphasized when […]