Men's Quarterly Supper Meeting

March 16, 2015 | Farmdale Church of Christ | Barboursville, WV

Articles From Brother Hoyt


One Conservative’s View Of A Maximum Security System

        Adequate Scripture supports “Imprisoning” of those choosing to “go around”  the laws of mankind (Gen. 40:3; 42:17; Lev. 24:12; Num. 15:34; I Kings 22:27; Judges 16:21, 25; Luke 3:30; Acts 12:4, 10;   In other words, if one selects to live in a society – then there are rules, regulations, laws, statutes, ordinances, mandates, codes, […]


New Testament Church

            The church in today’s world is very important just as it has always been.  Mankind owes it to himself to investigate the church to see if he/she should be involved with it.              There are several Biblical names for the Lord’s church as well as His followers.  The church for which Jesus died (Acts […]


Can A Divorced Man Serve In The Kingdom?

Concerning the question about divorced men serving as an elder or deacon in light of the qualification of the “Husband Of One Wife” (I Timothy 3:2,12), I would like to expound.   This has been chewed over ever since the beginning of the church. I have studied the subject with people from several schools of thought, […]