KYOWVA 65th Anniversary Supper for Family

September 28, 2015

Articles From Brother Hoyt


Gun Control

There has been a great deal of talk about “Gun Control” recently.  I would contend that all upright citizens of the U.S.A. want the government to have control of the outlaws in all ways – not just to keep guns out of their hands.  But the “sorry part” of the subject it seems “we throw […]


Communion, Weekly Observance

      The Lord’s Supper or Communion is more than a ceremony and not just a tradition.  It is more than a ritual; it is a commandment of Jesus Christ who died on Calvary’s Cross for the sins of all mankind.         Jesus said in John 6:53, 54, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat […]


Second Coming Of Christ?

It seems like there has always been a goodly number of folk who want to tell us just when Jesus is coming back. Some of those on the history books have been:  1) William Miller (Seventh Day Adventist Founder) who predicted Jesus’ return for 1843. When his prediction failed then he said it was to […]


Worry | A Way Around It

            A young man picked up a book and read twenty-one words that changed his life, in the spring of 1871.  The young man was a medical student at Montreal General Hospital.  He was worried about final examinations.  He was troubled about what he should do with his life, where he should establish his medical […]