Men and Boys Supper Meeting at Central Church of Christ

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Articles From Brother Hoyt


New Testament Church

            The church in today’s world is very important just as it has always been.  Mankind owes it to himself to investigate the church to see if he/she should be involved with it.              There are several Biblical names for the Lord’s church as well as His followers.  The church for which Jesus died (Acts […]


Antichrist – Who or What?

There have been many theologians debating this subject for centuries.  Thus, we will not cover all aspects of a study on the subject in a few minutes.  But for a bird’s eye view of the subject let us begin with the following.      A false prophet and evil being who will set himself up […]


Was The Thief On The Cross Baptized?

  The repentant thief who was on a cross being crucified along with Jesus, desired salvation (Luke 23:39-43).  The man said that he was getting what he deserved, but Jesus was innocent.               The thief rebuked the other thief for his hardness of heart and his making light of Jesus’ ability to save anyone.  Seemingly, […]


Are the Degrees of Punishment or Reward in Eternity Taught in the Scriptures

Most Bible students wish that God would have answered the question a little plainer concerning degrees of punishment in Hell or degrees of reward in Heaven!  Many have concluded that wicked men like Nero, Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein (instigator of the Desert Storm War of 1991) certainly deserve more of a punishment in Hell […]